Welcome to Terminal 17

Your Shuttle Has Arrived

Terminal 17 is an intense, multiplayer adventure game specifically designed for the VRcade Arena. Players are part of an 8-person extermination squad tasked with finding and eliminating alien insects that are wreaking havoc on Terminal 17, a remote facility on a distant planet. VRstudios’ latest attraction provides an unparalleled, feature-rich VR gaming experience. Journey through a massive virtual world by walking physically around the VRcade Arena and by using a variety of virtual transportation methods. Communicate with other players using high-quality, positional voice chat to cooperatively solve puzzles and advance through multiple floors of Terminal 17, ridding the facility of the deep infestation.

Cutting-Edge Technology

Leveraging the new features of Unity 2017.1 and NVIDIA’s VRWorks Unity Plugin, Terminal 17 demonstrates a milestone in visual fidelity and performance for Location-Based Entertainment VR arena-scale content. Terminal 17 specifically takes advantage of features like Single-Pass Stereo and Lens Matched Shading (which also enables Multi-Res Shading) to give the experience a boost in performance. This improves the overall visual quality by running Terminal 17 at higher resolution with additional post-processing effects.

Terminal 17 Features:

  • Built for VRcade Arena – Large-scale, 2,400 square foot attraction
  • Co-op team and competitive action/adventure for up to 8 players
  • 2 episodes, 15 minutes each (sequential or separate)
  • Positional, in-game voice-chat
  • Logic puzzles, boss fights, and secret passageways
  • Robust scoring features and hidden bonuses

Exclusively for VRcade Arena & AMP:

Terminal 17 was built for the VRcade Arena™ and leverages the power of the AMP – Attraction Management Platform™.

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